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There is a special scheme for poor girls run by the Tamil Nadu government called Marriage Assistant Scheme. Its primary objective is to help poor girls, orphans, widows, and daughters of widows, as well as cross-caste married couples.
To make sure that no parent debts are incurred when a daughter marries, the government offers marriage assistance schemes. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Tamil Nadu Government Assistance Scheme in this article.

Applying online for Tamil Nadu Govt. Marriage Assistance Schemes

The customary cultural demand of a girl in most communities is that she wears a gold “TherumangalamThis happened during the marriage. Marriage is a celebration in accordance with the culture and customs of the couple’s parents. Nonetheless, the financial burden of marriage for daughters of poor families is insurmountable for the fathers.

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The Tamil Nadu marriage scheme

 As part of its education policies and to bring parents closer to the goal of educating their daughters until the time to marry comes, the Tamil Nadu government has introduced various marriage aid schemes. The following section provides details about state marriage assistance schemes in Tamil Nadu, such as eligibility requirements, documents required, and how to apply online.  

Scheme for Marriage Assistance under Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Ninaivu

To assist poor fathers to marry off their daughters and to help poor girls in achieving a better educational status.

We provided the following assistance:
  • Plans I and II: Financial assistance of 25,000 rupees and a gold coin weighing 8 grams (22 carats) were provided to assist in the production of the thirumangalyam.
  • The second scheme provides support in the form of 50,000 Rupees in financial assistance, and eight grams of gold (22-carats) is provided for building the thirumangalyam.
Scheme NameTamil Nadu Marriage Assistance Scheme
StateTamil Nadu Government
Scheme BenefitsProvide Finacial For Poor People
For RegistrationClick here
Criteria for TN Marriage Assistance
Criteria for eligibility according to Scheme 1  
  • There must be a 10th-grade diploma (passed or failed) for the bride to qualify.
  • For brides who studied via distance learning or special education, she must pass her 10th grade exam.
  • In disadvantaged tribe conditions, the bride should have studied up to her Vst grade.
Criteria for eligibility according to Scheme 2  
  • Applicants should hold a degree from a university recognized by the government, or from a regular college.
  • It is mandatory for diploma holders to hold diplomas from institutions that have been recognized by the Directorate of Technical Education.
There are generally three criteria:
  • There is no family income exceeding Rs. 72000 / – per annum.
  • Applicants are limited to one girl per family.
  • Applicants need to be 18 years or older at the time of marriage. 
Attach the following certificates to the application:
  • Please provide a copy of your school transfer certificate.
  • If you are claiming aid under the second scheme, you must provide the degree/diploma certificate.
  • A proof of income.
  • In an exceptional circumstance, an application can be accepted the day before the wedding if it is submitted within 40 days before the wedding).
A scheme for the assistance of widows of Dr. DHARMAMBAL AMMAIYAR NINAIVU

The scheme provides financial assistance of *15,000 through the ECS and *10,000 as National Savings Certificate, along with a 22-carat gold coin weighing 4 grams for making “Thirumangalyam”. To qualify for this scheme, there is no minimum income requirement or educational requirement. Graduates and diploma holders are awarded 50,000 rupees, of which 30,000 is given on account of the education credit system, and 20,000 is given on account of the National Savings Certificate for making “Thirumangalyam”.


A family should not have an annual income exceeding 72,000 to claim benefits under this program.


In order to receive benefits under this scheme, there is no income limit.


Under this scheme, a total of *25,000 is given as cash assistance, of which *15,000 is given through electronic funds transfers and *10,000 is given as a National Saving Certificate and a 4 gram 22-carat gold coin for making “Thirumangalyam”. For making “Thirumangalyam” the degree holders receive 50 thousand yens of which 30 thousand is given through ECS and 20 thousand is for a National Saving Certificate. Education requirements and income limits are not stipulated.

Intercaste Marriage Types
  • Couples of inter-caste marriage can have either of the spouses belonging to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes, while the other spouse may come from any other community.
  • Whether one spouse is from forward or other community, and if the other spouse is from BC or MBC, that satisfies category II.

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Process for registering for Tamil Nadu marriage scheme

Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of Tamil Nadu and click on the link there.

Tamil Nadu Govt. Marriage Assistance Schemes

Step 2: The marriage assistance scheme can be found by clicking on the specifications menu.  

Screenshot 2

Step 3: Afterward, you should select the search section. You can search by your application number or the registration number that was provided to you when you submitted your application.

Step 4: Your application number must be entered in the box provided.

Step 5: Once you have entered the candidate’s name and date of birth, the application will be submitted.

Step 6: Once you register, you will receive a captcha code on your mobile device. You need to enter that code into the box provided on the web page.

Step 7: You must click on (Check application status) once the captcha code has been entered there.

Step 8: As soon as you follow these steps, the status of your application will appear on your screen. The website will give you a chance to check there, and if you don’t get any results, the helpline number will be there as well. The person you are calling can answer questions about your application, and you will need the registration number to do that.

This article attempts to explain every single detail about this scheme. You can understand this scheme fully when you have this information at hand.


What is the process for claiming marriage allowance in TamilNadu?

Attach 10th Grade Marksheets, Degree/Diploma Marksheets and Transfer Certificates, Marriage Invitations, Marriage Registration Certificates, Marriage Photos, Age Certificates of the bride and bridegroom, Community Certificates, Nativity Certificate of the bride and groom.

Tamil Nadu marriage assistance scheme: what is it?  

The government of Tamil Nadu has implemented five marriage assistance schemes to help poor girls, orphan girls, widowed women who remarry, widowed daughters and inter-caste couples.

The Moovalur Ramamirtham scheme requires an application. How do I apply?

Details of both the bride and groom’s Aadhar cards.

Evidence that the bride lives in the residence permanently.
Documentation showing their ages.
An income statement.
Certificates of Education (both for bride and groom).
Ration Card

How does this scheme provide its main benefits?

A grant of 25,000 rupees and a gold bar weighing 4 grams is provided by the Tamil Nadu Governmnet

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