The Easiest way to get a Free Fire Thiva character for free

Free Fire Thiva Character | Thiva Free Fire Character | Free Fire New Thiva Character | Thiva character has just been introduced in Free Fire Based DJ. 

The 4th-anniversary event is giving all players a Thiva character for free. Apparently, characters based on both of them will soon make their way into the game. As part of the 4th-anniversary celebrations, a wide array of events have been held on August 20 offering a variety of skins into the game.
The characters Thiva and Dimitri appeared in Free Fire, whereas Dimitri was available through Top-Up events.
Be ready for Thiva to become available on 28 August; don’t miss this chance.

Free Fire Thiva character

Character Ability of the Free Fire Thiva character

During the first level, the Thiva ability called Vital Vibes speeds up to help by 5%. 
Furthermore, that player receives 15 health points in the next 5 seconds when they revive it. 
As a player’s level increases, their abilities improve considerably.

As soon as you reach level 6, your user speed will increase to 20% and your HP will be at 40 after recovery.
Since Thiva has a passive character design, it can be easily integrated with other characters.

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How can we obtain Thiva characters through events?

You can get Thiva character in Free Fire through login points. The character is placed on Peak Day.
The 4th anniversary will be marked by the release of all of these skins and characters.
 For a claim, you need to follow these steps Character Thiva.

Step 1:  Once you’ve opened the Free Fire game, go to the lobby and click the 4th-anniversary link.

Step 2: To claim your prize, click the claim button

Step 3: Afterwards, click on the button to go to the rewards section

Step 4: You will now see Thiva the character, click on the “claim” button, and Thiva will be added immediately to your collection

If you are having trouble acquiring Thiva the character, please let us know in the comments below.
Our team will help you.

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